I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t JAPAN

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Today we attempt to survive for 24 hours on the recently opened Japanese version of 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. What could possibly go wrong?
My Twitter: FitMC
My Instagram: fitmcsippycup
YT Streams: eeexs.infolive
Catch up on streams here: eeexs.info/name/PLknc0yWkcu8QTu8g8_NmhQygx90Oj6Nii.html
Additional Footage:
Xua.Channel - eeexs.info/dash/gqKKcraurYapnX4/video
SMRPG (Barrel Volcano, Dodo's Coming) Vexx OST (vs. Sumo-kin) BM64 (Battle Select, Intro)
Rocket Man - eeexs.info/dash/mpGUablwqXlfoaA/video&

Stefan 6 tundi tagasi
2b2t Japan is filled with vtuber fans
Nani 90
Nani 90 8 tundi tagasi
6:45 he was doing neutral run
TLC Pikachu
TLC Pikachu 18 tundi tagasi
Why was the music 8D That caught me off guard
Henry Wu
Henry Wu 21 tund tagasi
You can tell that Fit is a Minecraft veteran when he drags items instead of shift clicking
Gakusangi Päev tagasi
Is that Bomberman 64 in the background?
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Päev tagasi
Fit + Nes = Your mom telling you to get fit.
Princebot 101
Princebot 101 2 päeva tagasi
Don't forget guys, we did not see ANYTHING
TheGamingStone 2 päeva tagasi
Very ez to scam ppl for free kits bc there so dumb lmao
Tobbo_ 2 päeva tagasi
in normal 2b2t, it says I need to wait 1 day to get on the server wierd
Spot Playing
Spot Playing 2 päeva tagasi
what hacked client do u use i want it
top proster02
top proster02 2 päeva tagasi
imagine you immediently here banzai or ware wa kangun wagateki wa
项尚飞 3 päeva tagasi
Mr. Giant Mushroom
Mr. Giant Mushroom 3 päeva tagasi
I survived 2b2t without hacks and it was a nightmare fending off hackers.
Jenna Castle
Jenna Castle 3 päeva tagasi
Fit+nes =fitnes
Itnol Gaming
Itnol Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
I mean what do yuo expect on Japan, it straight up going to be censored 3:44
Above Average Engineer
Above Average Engineer 4 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail sounds like a seven year audience type video. Ex. EATING THE AMONG US HAPPY MEAL FROM MCDONALDS
black little amonger
black little amonger Päev tagasi
Kinda Sus
Kinda Sus 4 päeva tagasi
Did anyone recognize rioulu’s skin? I do
Wagomu S
Wagomu S 4 päeva tagasi
Fit 20 Nes 20 Fit Nes Fitnes Cool
Peaper Cola
Peaper Cola 4 päeva tagasi
3:52 any link?
Tatacraft Vinhas
Tatacraft Vinhas 5 päeva tagasi
you 100% obviusly spent 24 hours on that server and it wasnt click bait.
shiny sword
shiny sword 5 päeva tagasi
2:10 imagine the video just ends lmao
Tyler 5 päeva tagasi
what hacked client is he using
Luqman animo Sabah
Luqman animo Sabah 5 päeva tagasi
regular kream
regular kream 5 päeva tagasi
This was just to bring things to carry back to the base once, not to abuse them. By the way, the parakeet is still alive and well at the base.
Random person
Random person 6 päeva tagasi
Clans in regular 2B2T:Builds a big obsidian symbol Clans in Japan 2B2T:Builds the biggest anime character
sp4d3n00b G
sp4d3n00b G 2 päeva tagasi
"obsidian symbol" - Swastika. You meant swastika. Poser.
Stacy Gilbert
Stacy Gilbert 6 päeva tagasi
frisk undertale
AngryCatGod Cool
AngryCatGod Cool 6 päeva tagasi
Fit and nes um you sure that’s not one word mr.Fitnes?
Şükrü Levent Uçar
Şükrü Levent Uçar 6 päeva tagasi
I did not saw anything about a skeleton horse
クロの部屋 6 päeva tagasi
yoo ur playing on japanese server
NasusDKing xd
NasusDKing xd 7 päeva tagasi
i found your fishing base on the japan 2b server its at 3044 63 16570 XDDD
McLOLersYT 7 päeva tagasi
ActuallyOskiboi 7 päeva tagasi
You could use Nofall packet than it should work flying without dying in falldamadge
XYZynre 7 päeva tagasi
It is a Legend and you shall be glad you didn't encounter the legendary protagonist, ジョー.
Sleeper 7 päeva tagasi
11:10 I see every thing
Sleeper 7 päeva tagasi
Main: Fit Alt: nes Togather : Fitnes(s) WHERE IS THE LAST S!!!
めんぼう 8 päeva tagasi
n4cll 9 päeva tagasi
can you review 0b0t / 9b9t / 6b6t etc? would love to see the differences
Fall :D
Fall :D 9 päeva tagasi
Fit nes lol
Myla Cabalatungan
Myla Cabalatungan 10 päeva tagasi
He renamed the sword to kendo stick
Murlox 10 päeva tagasi
cultured beings walk the server
iSamYT Backup
iSamYT Backup 10 päeva tagasi
2b2t russia everyone has a ak-47 the owner has a t34 tank in the server
A4 10 päeva tagasi
Gagan Kamra
Gagan Kamra 10 päeva tagasi
He was near my base Lol
Biro Istvan
Biro Istvan 11 päeva tagasi
Iplayminecraft Pe
Iplayminecraft Pe 11 päeva tagasi
遊具も数化 12 päeva tagasi
I saw a comment where I should drink every time he said "oldest anarchy server in minecraft" I'll die I guess
Smitydevon 12 päeva tagasi
You also hack
Slimyminer 12 päeva tagasi
Valjeet 12 päeva tagasi
Also when your fly hacking u don’t need water turn on no fall
Valjeet 12 päeva tagasi
My base got griefed the night I made it and it was 200k out
Mein Vaterland
Mein Vaterland 12 päeva tagasi
Digitaal_Boog 13 päeva tagasi
7:03 fit complaints about animal cruelty and asks someone to contact PETA? I mean, I guess he wants them to have some fun murdering them
Ryanside 13 päeva tagasi
I was half expecting the entire server to be completely neat and civilized
Senior Pug
Senior Pug 13 päeva tagasi
What was on that island I don’t get it
Mr Bannana
Mr Bannana 13 päeva tagasi
Miles Somemori
Miles Somemori 13 päeva tagasi
I live in Japan for me it sucks
Jonas Berberich
Jonas Berberich 13 päeva tagasi
“Crouching is the universal sign of peace in Minecraft.” -FitMC 2020
Purple Crewmate
Purple Crewmate 13 päeva tagasi
when he censored the screen he obviously saw a cat
zomnomo27 12 päeva tagasi
Minecraft Banana
Minecraft Banana 14 päeva tagasi
What Mod thing is that?
Arya Maulana
Arya Maulana 14 päeva tagasi
Fit : I'm gonna use my alt account Me : thinking about a cool anime name Fit : *Nes.*
Jayden Pham
Jayden Pham 14 päeva tagasi
We should invade 2b2t japan for revenge after they did it to us we should pu the most palopular youtuber
That one guy
That one guy 15 päeva tagasi
this man srsly is like philza with his methods
That one guy
That one guy 15 päeva tagasi
you shold pixalete the ''stuff''
That one guy
That one guy 15 päeva tagasi
this man has like 500 alts and 100 with rare names
Kirk Stacey C. SANCHEZ
Kirk Stacey C. SANCHEZ 15 päeva tagasi
Why Do I Feel Like The Blurred "Painting" Has Something To Do With The Acronym "NSFW"
Ace Scionti
Ace Scionti 16 päeva tagasi
When she asks if your good in bed. I’ve got my god rod it has all the max enchantments
s1cnarf 17 päeva tagasi
I guess urigato guysaymas
Bunnix 17 päeva tagasi
It took him 10 seconds to say " *ThE oLdEsT aNaRcHy SeVeR iN mInEcRaFt* "
Er12c 17 päeva tagasi
can someone on this server attack my PC ???
Er12c 6 päeva tagasi
sounds good
Le Bro
Le Bro 7 päeva tagasi
Just use a VPN
Er12c 17 päeva tagasi
i hope not
Rocker TV
Rocker TV 18 päeva tagasi
hmmm riolu...... who knew he played minecraft XD
İsmail Koçyiğit
İsmail Koçyiğit 18 päeva tagasi
I wonder if they will also get hostile if newcomers become trouble, what do you think ?
Ghostie._.cupcakes 18 päeva tagasi
IM DEAD, literally love "Hey Buddie!" then wreckeddd..
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 18 päeva tagasi
2:27 you cant fly hack on 2b2t?
TamNoCap 18 päeva tagasi
Fit Mc's videos mostl depend on his Fit-Nes
Jaxx_Eclipse 19 päeva tagasi
Hey fit I know this is an old video but can you tell me what hack client you use? If you can’t that’s all good.
波動関数 18 päeva tagasi
future client, i guess
Gengar 19 päeva tagasi
Japanese gang where you at 😤➡️
G4UL_yt 19 päeva tagasi
24 Hours of Le 2B2T Japan
Confirmed Trash
Confirmed Trash 19 päeva tagasi
I just realized that your main’s name and your alt’s name is fitness
Nathan Libo-on
Nathan Libo-on 19 päeva tagasi
His main account is fit and his alt is nes 😂
Brik 20 päeva tagasi
What hack client u use??
iamthewallrus 20 päeva tagasi
"instead of joining with my account fit, I'll join on nes" fit + nes = fitnes fitness *nice one*
K3 20 päeva tagasi
10:13 “domo” is something like “welcome” instead of “thank you”
カイロ 20 päeva tagasi
Riolu808 has a Deku Skin from My Hero Academia (僕のへろアカデミア)
Phoenix Dening
Phoenix Dening 21 päev tagasi
The bread thing
Yohane *
Yohane * 21 päev tagasi
2:23 「チャンネル登録者26人の大物EEexsrだけどなに?」 ↪︎26人で大物?....🤔
Deez Nut
Deez Nut 21 päev tagasi
6:45 *_abandon the parrots in actual ecosystem, what a ridicolous ppl need to contact peta_* am dead
Faqih Aldian Noor
Faqih Aldian Noor 21 päev tagasi
"Crouching is the universal language in game" And that is a fact
Finn zzstu Schaefer
Finn zzstu Schaefer 21 päev tagasi
24 hours?
Linajabba 21 päev tagasi
"Its not cheating if everyone cheats" -Sun Tzu probably
NainKyleLian194 21 päev tagasi
どーも(do-omo) or ども(domo) is the simple term for こんにちは(konnichiwa) which means hello Well ども is not always use for hello, it can be use as thanks like どもありがとう(domo arigatou) which means thank you
Leo Leo
Leo Leo 22 päeva tagasi
1:38 if you look at the chat, someone is saying pettan LMAO
Chao 13 päeva tagasi
Actually, that's someone's name on the server. Flat as a board LMAAOOO
Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen 23 päeva tagasi
classic 2b2t japan making censored stuff and stuff.........................
The Dipermont Show
The Dipermont Show 23 päeva tagasi
That's really interesting.
Nikhil Kalla
Nikhil Kalla 23 päeva tagasi
plot twist ::::::: peta left those parrots
ミヤネス 23 päeva tagasi
Titan cole727
Titan cole727 23 päeva tagasi
I’ve been watching you for 3 months now and this whole time I thought I was subscribed lol. Now I am though.
thenew gacha fan
thenew gacha fan 24 päeva tagasi
Are there any furrys
A E 24 päeva tagasi
The way you say thank you in Japanese is so funny hahaha dowmow arigatow
João Pedro
João Pedro 24 päeva tagasi
since fly hack is posible in this one figths in DBZ style are now possible
Đỗ Đức Quân
Đỗ Đức Quân 24 päeva tagasi
how about flyhack with bow and 32k arrow, make it ace combat but in 2b2t
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