Do 2b2t Lavacast Machines ACTUALLY Work?

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Today we conduct an experiment on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft to see if lavacast machines actually work, and how viable they are...
My Twitter: FitMC
My Instagram: fitmcsippycup
YT Streams: eeexs.infolive
Catch up on streams here:
Death Coaster - Army of Darkness Defense
FN: Save The World (Pinkerton)
FFX (Launch!)
SMRPG (Railroad, Booster's Tower, Here's Some Weapons)
Sheep Raider - Level 7
Additional Footage/Images/Information:
IronException (Renders)
Thebesandsound (Footage/machine design)
2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. There are no rules, and it has been online for more than 10 years, with a size of ‭9567 GBs. Over 603,244 players have visited at least once,
including high profile EEexsrs such as AntVenom, TheCampingRusher, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, TapL, PopularMMOs, Philza, and the list goes on.
Unlike other servers popular on EEexs such as Hermitcraft or Dream SMP, anyone is able to brave this server for themselves, but you have been warned, it can be a dangerous place. Join at your own risk.

Mr.mcswagface 15 tundi tagasi
Imagine if people made lavacast bases
SquidMaster5900 16 tundi tagasi
The what machine?
CASPERA Päev tagasi
Is it a bug in the plugin (freezing lava and water after chunk reload)?
Sky Gaming
Sky Gaming Päev tagasi
Dr. Sazid.
Dr. Sazid. 4 päeva tagasi
You call him to make blocks
Jack Drrr
Jack Drrr 4 päeva tagasi
Background music makes it seem as if u know something about the necronomicon
LearningAnimate 4 päeva tagasi
How many times he is going to repead "10 YEARS OF 2B2T"
Normal Eric
Normal Eric 5 päeva tagasi
"Why im on fire right now, for over 10 years" oof
yuliy jrov
yuliy jrov 6 päeva tagasi
why am i on fire- noob vs pro donald trump vs joe biden edit: yes i did use a comment
Pixel Cowboy
Pixel Cowboy 7 päeva tagasi
I thought he was gonna say: for over 10 years, i have been on fire
The Big Yosh
The Big Yosh 7 päeva tagasi
But is Pewdiepie's Automated Sorting System (ASS) on 2b2t?
Joeseph Himmler
Joeseph Himmler 8 päeva tagasi
2:00 Elon is a genius con artist, not a chemist
mark lorence
mark lorence 8 päeva tagasi
Damn that's THICC hahahahahahah
Nathan L
Nathan L 8 päeva tagasi
The benefit of running the machine is not the efficiency of a single machine. I say if you're running any less than nine you're wasting your time.
Mr DONEGAN 9 päeva tagasi
It's by accident not on accident
ctrotaku_alt 10 päeva tagasi
hollow out the inside and make a secret base
Concord Macdewnalds
Concord Macdewnalds 10 päeva tagasi
A singular machine may not be worth it but imagine having 2 running at the same time? They both switch but as 1 does lava the other does water?
x1cxq 11 päeva tagasi
Hello I shall listen in da shower
I’m space Hobo
I’m space Hobo 14 päeva tagasi
what’s the song at 2:57
Starlight Gaming
Starlight Gaming 14 päeva tagasi
It’s not entirely useless. You could do other stuff in the meantime than supervise the THICC machine, but considering the hacks that some people use I guess it isn’t worth farming in the first place.
Drambla 14 päeva tagasi
i kinda wanna make this in my survival world just for a big mountaun
emonelijah YT
emonelijah YT 15 päeva tagasi
Bane 15 päeva tagasi
Red - Stoners 🥴
Anita Gofradump
Anita Gofradump 15 päeva tagasi
Best use for the THICC - making a second lava cast while youre making one by hand nearby
Rantaro Amami
Rantaro Amami 16 päeva tagasi
I joined 2B2T two days ago and I can't even find a single tree
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose 16 päeva tagasi
NotHax GM
NotHax GM 17 päeva tagasi
Fireball 19 päeva tagasi
2b2t solved the pyramids mystery.
iProjex 19 päeva tagasi
ThIcC pOtIoN
Coolboyawsome 47
Coolboyawsome 47 19 päeva tagasi
Sam that girl is Thebes high intensity cobblestone caster
terriboy 19 päeva tagasi
Lel,I like how Fit is surprised that thebes agreed to his plan.
Dildo Shwagginsz
Dildo Shwagginsz 19 päeva tagasi
FitMC should do a channel dedicated to the oldest anarchy server on minecraft.
I am Groot
I am Groot 20 päeva tagasi
"The THICC Machine" Bois is it just me, or is this THICC machine lookin kinda.. *T H I C C* am just saying
Ecromancer 21 päev tagasi
U say pumpkin pie Me oh I wonder if I have been on it Ps pumpkin farms so easy
Londonsbro Kamacho
Londonsbro Kamacho 22 päeva tagasi
3:20 "I have a chest full of redstone supplies" the enchanted golden apple: *sad gapple noises*
Oscar Knap
Oscar Knap 24 päeva tagasi
Now make it flying
ДЖОКЕР [GD] 24 päeva tagasi
aodd music on background, I now respect you even more
JJMC GAMING 25 päeva tagasi
I wonder what happens when i use hacks to nuke the whole server
MohidGaming582 25 päeva tagasi
0:01 *Legends say that this question has yet not been answered* Edit: I was stupid and didnt watch the full video before typing this and now I see at 5:48 he tells us that :/
Grant Herrema
Grant Herrema 26 päeva tagasi
All the people with bases within 10,000 blocks of spawn: (Afraid noob noises)
Ryan Segalla
Ryan Segalla 26 päeva tagasi
Is that the age of war music I hear?
Monochrome 27 päeva tagasi
How do you join the server?
TheAdvertisement 27 päeva tagasi
3:09 The THICC machine is honestly a genius name. xD
LegitBeef101 28 päeva tagasi
5:49 youtube: lets put an ad here that says "watch animal crossing videos with your screen locked. Purchase youtube premium" Me: 😂😂😐😑
* Футбольчик *
* Футбольчик * 28 päeva tagasi
mcjunk 29 päeva tagasi
Diamond King
Diamond King 29 päeva tagasi
Who got that book yet?
Colden Hanses
Colden Hanses Місяць tagasi
How do I build?????
James Brooksby
James Brooksby Місяць tagasi
This guy is so good
Kian Solomon Hutagaol
Kian Solomon Hutagaol Місяць tagasi
Mr. Grim
Mr. Grim Місяць tagasi
Gotta love the army of darkness music
Blue Місяць tagasi
What if you have more than one at a time or wanna grief an active base using them?
Angelene Clarke
Angelene Clarke Місяць tagasi
T H I C C. Thick. Hello. I like pizza. the long noodle bad word. cciht sux.
a_random Dane
a_random Dane Місяць tagasi
Idiotinfrontofadesk Місяць tagasi
Do think the use of an autoclicker could help prevent disconnections, and possibly even make idling possible? Probably wouldn't even count as cheating, since it's just clicking really quickly, and the delay between actions is what prevents auto clickers from being insanely OP.
Curvy wombat
Curvy wombat Місяць tagasi
Good point but like he said a normal lava cast is better
DENISE Concepcion
DENISE Concepcion Місяць tagasi
Rubiktor012 Місяць tagasi
Today, on How It's Made...
[GHOST] tropics_
[GHOST] tropics_ Місяць tagasi
Can someone make a tutorial for it
team bowles
team bowles Місяць tagasi
You got me i sub
Dylan Gosselin
Dylan Gosselin Місяць tagasi
So you basically wasted a redstoners’time.... this machine is so dumb im sure there are tutorials made by 7 years old for that... And you only built one. You could have built 20 around your render distance so it would be worth it.
Festive Soup
Festive Soup Місяць tagasi
He lasted until 0:07 this time
Festive Soup
Festive Soup Місяць tagasi
More like 7 and a half but I can put that in
Wii Місяць tagasi
4000th comment?
PeanutPlays Місяць tagasi
His....His redstone box isn’t red...
Turtle Bean
Turtle Bean Місяць tagasi
*“Well you’re probably wondering why I’m on fire right now”* FitMinecraft 2021
Randy Estremos
Randy Estremos Місяць tagasi
Josh Bosch
Josh Bosch Місяць tagasi
i thought it was gonna be a moving one
kenzie hartono
kenzie hartono Місяць tagasi
THICC machine XD
Nejikiba5 Місяць tagasi
"We're at the 3 hour mark, but man am I bored out of my mind just flipping these switches" Runescape player: "First time?"
Hydrate Spammer
Hydrate Spammer Місяць tagasi
Louis Tan
Louis Tan Місяць tagasi
I wish this guy was my teacher
Cracker Місяць tagasi
couldn’t you just use an anti afk pool to not get kicked?
AviationGamer Місяць tagasi
it doesnt work like that
Steffen Mühlen
Steffen Mühlen Місяць tagasi
Crapie machine
Affliction Music
Affliction Music Місяць tagasi
'Years later" "dad who built this one" dad:"which one" son:"the cobble stone prymaid" dad:"ahh the cobble stone prymaid.That was grandpa fits build"
Mayooo The Creation
Mayooo The Creation Місяць tagasi
POV: you found this channel on TikTok
Olf Mombach
Olf Mombach Місяць tagasi
I wonder if this is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft
Philippines_mapper19 - SFS
Philippines_mapper19 - SFS Місяць tagasi
You may ask elon musk for elephant toothpaste FitMC 2020
jasonevers Місяць tagasi
ETA on Fit's proof-of-concept auto-griefing experiment structure being griefed?
vmm 2008
vmm 2008 Місяць tagasi
I was there :)
pokecool Місяць tagasi
Plot twist: lava cast machine dosen’t work so video ends here
cl0msy Місяць tagasi
But when you times it by ten it could be useful
Filibert Tarouan
Filibert Tarouan Місяць tagasi
"Like asking elon musk to help you make elephant toothpaste ..." This analogy is not very king to you buddy Thebes. He seems to be a competent guy with some skills, where I highly doubt musk would be of any help, even for the toothpaste ...
Chase Robinson
Chase Robinson Місяць tagasi
You can use this to encase a base in a lava cast. Nice.
BadPiggies 9
BadPiggies 9 Місяць tagasi
Florida man spends 6 hours building 90m-high sandcastle while smashing rocks and flipping random switches, gets kicked off beach for loitering
Mc Kyle Dodongo
Mc Kyle Dodongo Місяць tagasi
Jesus Christ is Coming, Be Ready
Mc Kyle Dodongo
Mc Kyle Dodongo Місяць tagasi
Jesus Christ is Coming, Be Ready
Rador Dekeche
Rador Dekeche Місяць tagasi
I wonder if you could use slime blocks to make the machine a flying machine? If you could further design it to move in multiple directions, then you'd have a movable lavacast builder. It might even fix the issue you had here, of it needing to move for maintenance.
Andreas Roth
Andreas Roth Місяць tagasi
Oh my lord the nostalgia hit hard when the army of darkness defense music started playing in the beginning :D
KDN Місяць tagasi
ahh yes the *t h i c c*
Dino 2
Dino 2 Місяць tagasi
I love that they called it the E CHEST
a b
a b Місяць tagasi
by accident
Yuukisu Місяць tagasi
Thebes make a detailed machine Fit Is this machine worth it No it’s not Thebes are u kidding me
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Місяць tagasi
The sneaky interest untypically command because loss natively fasten atop a nine mint. abusive, tearful ruth
GGAlzero Місяць tagasi
Thicc machine... yes it is indeed genius
dinnis danny
dinnis danny Місяць tagasi
Looking kinda *thicc*
bruhboy88 Місяць tagasi
6:44 that might not have been the GREATEST idea to do since you know... your THE FITMC....
nugget Місяць tagasi
ever heard of an autoclicker?
Zpeed O Wagon
Zpeed O Wagon Місяць tagasi
"civil minecraft"
habsyi ulod
habsyi ulod Місяць tagasi
Feels like thor trying to get hes hammer back
Radek997 Місяць tagasi
Fit griefing xD
King Skurpy The III
King Skurpy The III Місяць tagasi
I found it but someone took the book
King Skurpy The III
King Skurpy The III Місяць tagasi
@GamingOddity 😔
GamingOddity Місяць tagasi
Oof man
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