The Darkest Week on 2b2t

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Today we have a serious discussion about something horrible that has happened on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device:
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FitMC 6 місяців tagasi
I hope today's video teaches you the importance of staying safe! If you want to support the channel, you can try Dashlane Premium for free on your first device:
Juice wrld999
Juice wrld999 Päev tagasi
@CLOUDZ never say heart pls
DSiren Sirenite
DSiren Sirenite 6 päeva tagasi
5:55 annotate the video in post to say "an actual crime was allegedly committed" not potentially. In legalese, if this happened it was a crime but _it didn't officially happen until a court, a jury, or the perpetrators said it happened_ . Peculiarities of protecting the rights of the not yet proven guilty in a court of law.
}{y 10 päeva tagasi
its just a block game lul
Vash 10 päeva tagasi
it was ******
Rica- Mora-
Rica- Mora- 22 päeva tagasi
Hey there sir. Thanks for throwing this shit out in the open and warning us about using unsafe hack clients. I also want you to know that these stories you put out for the channel are really engaging and always get my interests peaked. Thank you.
Wcraft283 7 tundi tagasi
why is he not sponsored by nord vpn
Ζabidas yt
Ζabidas yt 8 tundi tagasi
Is meteor safe?
CASPERA 10 tundi tagasi
I do not think that popbob ever 'left' the server, since he got probably locked out of his account.
puteqX 19 tundi tagasi
Fun fact: The client's name is Ph***s and the creators are C***talLink and M**get
webby Päev tagasi
Ah yes, the fbi dealing with a rat that someone willingly downloaded
DDGaxel Nilsson
DDGaxel Nilsson Päev tagasi
All of this is covered much better on Wifies’ video “Minecraft’s deadliest [Illegal] hacked client”.
人へんたい Päev tagasi
4:56 HAhA google chrome imagine using that, those people deserved getting their passwords sent off to the dev
Ben Waite
Ben Waite 2 päeva tagasi
Always write important coords down on Pen and paper.
n Q v
n Q v 2 päeva tagasi
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
helvetica 8563
helvetica 8563 3 päeva tagasi
can anybody tell me which client fitmc uses?
uhev fabaeaeb
uhev fabaeaeb 3 päeva tagasi
Сподіваюсь хакером був *українець*
Jes Johannsen
Jes Johannsen 3 päeva tagasi
a good method of protecting yourself would be to run it on a virtual machine with nothing else on it. and if it does get hacked you can easily delete it and make a new one
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 3 päeva tagasi
8:15 or just suck it up and learn how to code it yourself :D As a bonus you can learn code while making your hacked client
Gurtaj Hundal
Gurtaj Hundal 4 päeva tagasi
imaweeb 4 päeva tagasi
The hacked clients first letter is p
Димитър Стефанов
Димитър Стефанов 4 päeva tagasi
i think the client is wurst
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
Nope wurst is safe
Eliu Sosa
Eliu Sosa 4 päeva tagasi
I actually found the name of the creators and the client but I won't say if you know you know
WindowsWhistler Gaming
WindowsWhistler Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
“I’m just as confused as you are” Then where is my script???
All Shipper
All Shipper 5 päeva tagasi
2b2t is not even an anarchy server anymore. It's pure evil.
DaGelatineMan 5 päeva tagasi
i was nearly about to use said client
EmpressFrozenToes 5 päeva tagasi
stolen dreams, lost light works so well here
Lucca Massotti
Lucca Massotti 6 päeva tagasi
So let me get this straight there was a new client and then that client got hacked and then the creators of the client changed the client to hack peoples pcs and then they got arested? Straaaange
Swisherodocus 6 päeva tagasi
I watched a video about this event from another channel. It was really cool. I think it was Sipover or smth
BigOofersRock 6 päeva tagasi
Ty FitMC for warning me about this. Before this i have been wondering about joining 2b2t for like a day but now i am not gonna do it with hax. Ty!
Loxymore 6 päeva tagasi
idk, i am kinda on the devs side (of course not the stealing chrome data part) but the revenge part
progamer but its pro
progamer but its pro 6 päeva tagasi
the clint is callled phobs
Jean-Luc Santos
Jean-Luc Santos 6 päeva tagasi
:|I am happy I am young
Centurion2008 6 päeva tagasi
Fit MC ur the best bruh ever.
Max Norton
Max Norton 7 päeva tagasi
this man makes me feared of what minecraft could really be
Colonel 7 päeva tagasi
Yeah If you’re gonna use a hack client just use impact, don’t go to third-party websites
Bunny Ben Plays
Bunny Ben Plays 7 päeva tagasi
All this is teaching me is to never use hacked clients.
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
Why not? You can use the safe ones like impact
Zubad Nuhair
Zubad Nuhair 7 päeva tagasi
what bout wurst client
Jong _JS
Jong _JS 7 päeva tagasi
Ben The Piper
Ben The Piper 7 päeva tagasi
this the reason why you should not use any hack programs.. To hack in Minecraft its just the dumbeset thing i ever seen.. i mean.. to hack in csgo, warzone... its one think, but in Mineraft?
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
What’s wrong with hacking in Minecraft? It’s normal on servers like 2b2t where it’s allowed
Davide Berweger
Davide Berweger 7 päeva tagasi
Vídeo starts at 2:23
Piglord 8 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: fitmc is dashlane trying to take peoples info
Miikanity’s Alt
Miikanity’s Alt 8 päeva tagasi
In a server with no rules, what would you expect? Peaceful people gathering clubs and sharing bases with no griefing? No way. Good thing I’m not interested in joining 2B2T.
RedstoneNG 8 päeva tagasi
This is why i keep purchases on Microsoft Edge
CodexTestsYT 8 päeva tagasi
So yeah this is a crime but who technically is at fault here? The devs or the players?
Aka Frostbite
Aka Frostbite 9 päeva tagasi
oh great more federal crimes bc of a block game, whose surprised?
JETTIGER BOY 9 päeva tagasi
yikes FBI ? i thought the local police
JETTIGER BOY 9 päeva tagasi
im a small game developer and i think from this vid i can make a game which doesent make you go to prison a real one
Atom15 Atom15
Atom15 Atom15 9 päeva tagasi
An actual federal crime Me: god damn someone tried to make a taco and failed that is a crime
Puppy Dog
Puppy Dog 9 päeva tagasi
minecraft accounts have been stolen before.. That's pretty bad. Discord accounts getting stolen is just horrible. But never have I seen someone steal CHROME PASSWORDS, AND CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. That is way to far.. For a darn block game.
TYLER FULLER 9 päeva tagasi
what about wurst is that a safe one
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
Nicenoob 123
Nicenoob 123 9 päeva tagasi
Dude im just playing mineplex survival...
WORTEL MACHINE 11 päeva tagasi
if ya'll want a longer vid check out wiffies he also made a vid on this event
Aody Game
Aody Game 11 päeva tagasi
What about wrust client is it safe
starayu 12 päeva tagasi
“Why would people commit felony’s in a simple block game” Dream SMp dream: *nervous sweating*
Şükrü Levent Uçar
Şükrü Levent Uçar 12 päeva tagasi
Before you tell the intro (What happened lile the accounts), me:When i have a computer, i want to see 2b2t As you tell the intro, me:I changed my mind i will only watch the videos
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
Why not? 2b2t is mostly safe now
TheWallachianBard 12 päeva tagasi
People need to chill the f out, Next thing you know someone will actually murder someone irl over 2b2t .
Hairless Che
Hairless Che 12 päeva tagasi
Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it
Sir Daniil
Sir Daniil 12 päeva tagasi
Dash lane makes it eas-
Rici 33
Rici 33 12 päeva tagasi
OX22 is such a Chad
H20ninja :3
H20ninja :3 12 päeva tagasi
you honestly should have said the client so i dont get hacked :/
H20ninja :3
H20ninja :3 9 päeva tagasi
@Jaded Jaden ah yes i cant believe i forgot. silly me
Jaded Jaden
Jaded Jaden 12 päeva tagasi
Just use future.
Luke Daniel Galon
Luke Daniel Galon 12 päeva tagasi
u don't deserve the clout this is the only channel i ever heard of this.
Axolotl 12 päeva tagasi
1:46 thats a bit shady
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
How is that shady
CHI Clan
CHI Clan 12 päeva tagasi
The client was wurst 2.0 The one at the begging that got the stuff stolen was impact and another one I forgot
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
What? Impact is safe and wurst has nothing to do with this
Erfan 13 päeva tagasi
6:15 i found some coords here :)
El Wiwi
El Wiwi 13 päeva tagasi
Most common phrase by fitMC: “The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft “
BaconAverix 13 päeva tagasi
Do you know why I Love Paper? No one can hack into this shit.
Squeaphily 13 päeva tagasi
"hehe i hak in bloK gAM it no gO rONg"
Stealth 13 päeva tagasi
What’s the music being used it sounds dark and I like it
Eternal Cover
Eternal Cover 13 päeva tagasi
Hm fobos popping,off in a fitmc vid
Cutie Pyro
Cutie Pyro 13 päeva tagasi
I hope he realises that by not saying the name of the hacked client people won’t know that need to avoid it. Because they won’t know what name to avoid.
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
No? Just use the safe ones: impact or future
DANGERED Species 13 päeva tagasi
Jonathan Hoffman
Jonathan Hoffman 13 päeva tagasi
2022: New York City has been LEVELED in REAL LIFE because of a conflict on 2B2T
trees and potatoes
trees and potatoes 13 päeva tagasi
You don't commit felonies while playing Minecraft
SonicVenom829 13 päeva tagasi
Did you watch the video?
PlayingPlayer1430 14 päeva tagasi
He shouldve kept the dashlane sponsor ad at 5:29
DeepestFe4rs 15 päeva tagasi
I don’t play any server at all. Not even hypixel, why do I watch these? I just play my survival world.
WaterBoi Guy
WaterBoi Guy 15 päeva tagasi
Absolutely Nobody
Absolutely Nobody 16 päeva tagasi
today we talk about something horrible that has happened on the oldest anarchy in minecraft. try dashlane premium free on your first device - Fit 2020
Comrade Fire Crystal
Comrade Fire Crystal 16 päeva tagasi
Dashlane really is not out of place in this video unlike other videos They just say use dash lane and proceeds to play a game wich is already safe or other games
bustin 17 päeva tagasi
Playing without hacks is like abstinence
Edo-Motion 18 päeva tagasi
MarkDeGamer 18 päeva tagasi
almost at 2 mln.
the worst cpvper
the worst cpvper 18 päeva tagasi
when i looked at the ratted code it had the phrase "Future Accounts.txt" innit. now they are so ded
Pike Johnson
Pike Johnson 19 päeva tagasi
Does anyone know the name of the songs in the background?
deutsches Marinekorps
deutsches Marinekorps 20 päeva tagasi
Biglyp 20 päeva tagasi
I am a coder and I can say you can prevent discord from getting hacked by switching your discord folder name. The malware code will malfunction and instantly you will know if it’s malware for discord.
Xtreme PlayzYT
Xtreme PlayzYT 20 päeva tagasi
Can you pls tell me good hacked client for bedrock edition plss
jungl3 21 päev tagasi
2b2t just got real?? 😳😳
why u
why u 21 päev tagasi
Im shocked and late but if those Dev's that made the client transferred money from a victims account to their account it can be traced to the Dev's and they can be caught like that cuz steal personal data is a federal crime and they can be put in federal prison for that
「HashBrown YT」
「HashBrown YT」 21 päev tagasi
Is wurst safe? Google said it was scanned with tons of scanners and it’s saying it’s safe
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 päeva tagasi
It’s safe I think but there are better options
mc 19 päeva tagasi
Wurst is garbadge also use creepy salhack
Zeta Swoop
Zeta Swoop 21 päev tagasi
The easy way to stay safe from stuff like this is by playing the way I do. I have one hard drive designated to only games. It has nothing else on it besides that. My second hard drive is for everything else that I do, but games such as Minecraft are on their own designated hard drive. I know that not everybody can do that, but its one way to protect your virtual stuff.
ELITE 4 tundi tagasi
You mean 2 different boot drives right.
Rushik Kundalia
Rushik Kundalia 22 päeva tagasi
"how are you in prison" "i hacc in bloc game"
Rica- Mora-
Rica- Mora- 22 päeva tagasi
“When you end up potentially harming thousands of people... _you don’t deserve the clout from a FitMC video._ “ Anyone get mad chills from that?
Neko Cat
Neko Cat 22 päeva tagasi
There is a video on wifies channel on a hacked client that I think is this one It is called the worlds deadliest hack I think
Pikarizard Charikachu
Pikarizard Charikachu 22 päeva tagasi
It actually funny that someone actually told the hacked client's names in his own video from two months ago, and watching that before this video makes this video even more sense. I also can't believe that a single 4-liner code is enough to be a powerful malware. I love how you show us that code detail. Thanks a lot.
Kate Lavelle
Kate Lavelle 23 päeva tagasi
They shall be hanged ok I am joking
JUST 23 päeva tagasi
"you do not deserve the clout of a FitMC video"ego check.
Possessed Potato Bird Official
Possessed Potato Bird Official 24 päeva tagasi
Aristois is safe
blizzard boswer
blizzard boswer 24 päeva tagasi
laughs in firefox
Meme Industry
Meme Industry 25 päeva tagasi
He sounds angry about that unsafe hacked client and I understand why.
Fizzsie 25 päeva tagasi
Well everyone probably knows the name
Heidi Lauridsen
Heidi Lauridsen 25 päeva tagasi
I'm lucky I'm Playing bedrock so I can't play Java 2b2t
YoutubeEverything 26 päeva tagasi
can we say ph***s in the comments
unicornkebob 26 päeva tagasi
"fully playable"
Ians FBI agent
Ians FBI agent 26 päeva tagasi
Waht hackclient do you use?
Rafelandroid2 25 päeva tagasi
he use future
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