VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t

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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover why a giant obsidian portrait of the VTuber Usada Pekora has suddenly appeared, and find out who was responsible.
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Yakuza 7 - Yokohama Battle, Foreboding, Boss Theme, Dragon Kart, Recieve and Turn You
Additional Footage/Images/Information:
SAMIndex (Japanese 2b2t EEexsr) - eeexs.info/wiki/tMMfB_NvoI3X7HoMs-CTAA
Cityboss1 (Images, Footage, Information)
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FitMC Місяць tagasi
Watchmen: "The OWO is the largest handmade structure on 2b2t!" Usada Pekora: "Hold my carrots..."
cat man
cat man 3 päeva tagasi
Magnus 88mm
Magnus 88mm 6 päeva tagasi
They should make a Minecraft animated movie about this story
Red ඞ
Red ඞ 6 päeva tagasi
Yash Madineni
Yash Madineni 7 päeva tagasi
Guanchen Fang
Guanchen Fang 21 päev tagasi
@Draglox NANI
Detective Toaster
Detective Toaster 2 tundi tagasi
5:38 the Japanese knew something that woof did not.. Do not the destroy pearl harbour but destroy the fuel
Tong Pa Fu
Tong Pa Fu 4 tundi tagasi
LMAO! People are making such a big deal over a video game. I wonder how many dislike I'm gonna get.
Galactic Salt
Galactic Salt 5 tundi tagasi
I feel like people will destroy it with withers. BTW I mean like COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYED No this is not a hate comment
Arsyan Azhima
Arsyan Azhima 5 tundi tagasi
Pekora Has just began her Career's first step as a Ultranationalist-War Criminal Leader in Minecraft. And they who deceive or disobeyed her will be tortured by a brainwashing Pekora-Laughing Audio Player until they've joined her Army as a Mind controled Puppet.
Mario Dias
Mario Dias 13 tundi tagasi
Two nuclear bombs weren't enough
Sal 15 tundi tagasi
Big floppa
Big floppa 22 tundi tagasi
Are they gonna invade China again
ZacnerSlater 5 tundi tagasi
Last time china, this time 2b.... SMH
Michael Gabriel Castro
Michael Gabriel Castro Päev tagasi
This simps sinped too hard
Brief_Case_YT Päev tagasi
Woofs death over and over again in lava is exactly how i picture hell too be lmao
Brief_Case_YT Päev tagasi
Yoooo your voice used too be so deep
Reaper 1337
Reaper 1337 Päev tagasi
2b2t Natives would not survive this incursion. This has the potential to be an existential threat to the server, and change everything forever. You guys have no idea the kind of pull Vtubers have, let alone Pekora herself. Consider this, if Pekora were to dip her toes in and successfully carve out her own little empire, rest assured the other Vtubers would follow, along with their own fanbases. The natives simply do not have the numbers, You'd be conquered. I for one can't wait for the FitMC documentary.
CCGamer9 Alford
CCGamer9 Alford Päev tagasi
*Get the Withers were destroying this thing*
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia Päev tagasi
Loving the Yakuza 7 music in the background
Itz Wolf
Itz Wolf Päev tagasi
Watchmen be like: :(
〆zero ✔
〆zero ✔ Päev tagasi
D Blade
D Blade Päev tagasi
Is something ever gonna be bugger than the spawn masons build?
Maea Ch.
Maea Ch. Päev tagasi
Yes,, this is good
SkadoinkNoodle Päev tagasi
pov : you havent touched grass in 45 days
Azurlane1324 _osu!
Azurlane1324 _osu! Päev tagasi
No there something more worst than hololive. The symps
COLIN NGUYEN 2 päeva tagasi
today on 2b2t: Japan doesn't know how to fight against hackers, retaliates with anime girl
Will Thepro
Will Thepro 2 päeva tagasi
VTubers wow never herd of them!
SpiritualStudioss 2 päeva tagasi
Kinda sus though...
Shravan K
Shravan K 2 päeva tagasi
karage spy
karage spy 2 päeva tagasi
LMAO i got a vtuber ad before the vid lol
TheLonleyRabbit 2 päeva tagasi
Me seeing "Vtuber" Me : GURA
GG KingGar
GG KingGar 2 päeva tagasi
Now my life long dreams of vandalising vtubers will come true, eventually :)
RIG 3 päeva tagasi
Now there is a new touhou character that is a miner armed with gold tools, expect the japanese army to build a statue of her.
Mike playz
Mike playz 3 päeva tagasi
It's like watching a world history video except it's Minecraft XD
Arcana zero Studios
Arcana zero Studios 3 päeva tagasi
How do I get someone to make the persona 5 phantom thief logo on 2b2t
Raimy onlinewarrior
Raimy onlinewarrior 3 päeva tagasi
Cpt. Duck
Cpt. Duck 3 päeva tagasi
This is some serious news i see..
LightningBladeYT 3 päeva tagasi
If dantdm saw this video he would be jealous of his huge beard
Hololive Noises Ch.
Hololive Noises Ch. 3 päeva tagasi
They should put permanent pekora's bgm when passing through the area
Nihil 4 päeva tagasi
It’s fitting that these guys participated in mutual aid and cooperation in an anarchy server. Kropotkin would be proud.
Me llamo jeff
Me llamo jeff 4 päeva tagasi
bruh moment from japan lmao
Tola Ukash
Tola Ukash 4 päeva tagasi
Niew Teng Yew
Niew Teng Yew 4 päeva tagasi
Time for another incursion and the crippling defeat of the Japanese Imperial Army again (1945 colorized.)
C0C0N8T 4 päeva tagasi
Kon Nakiri ! I love this.
BOT 4 päeva tagasi
I feel like an incursion is going to happen, due to the growth of V- tubers.
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez Päev tagasi
Another incursion...
mgabrysSF 4 päeva tagasi
Video starts at 01:38
Jones 4 päeva tagasi
Now this is what I call Epic!
Orcaph 4 päeva tagasi
HA ↗️ HA ↘️ HA ↗️
Za Bredlord
Za Bredlord 4 päeva tagasi
Pekora once mentioned 2b2t and jokingly said she wanna try to join the server
Me llamo jeff
Me llamo jeff 4 päeva tagasi
well guess she did lol
Corduroy 4 päeva tagasi
Wait… The OwO used slaves? Holy SHIT
Corduroy 4 päeva tagasi
Oh, hell.
Húgo 0930
Húgo 0930 4 päeva tagasi
Why didn't History teach us this lol ? :'))
Iksan 4 päeva tagasi
I hope my country try it too
TheJHZHZ 4 päeva tagasi
Guess someone wants to be nuked again xd
Way Lingaw sa Kinabuhi
Way Lingaw sa Kinabuhi 4 päeva tagasi
This could become a good anime plot btw.....
Venmon G
Venmon G 4 päeva tagasi
Sasuga War criminal rabbit lol
Splizzex 4 päeva tagasi
Wouldn't covering up all the free spaces with additional obsidian be an easy way to grief these structures? Or using withers?
Splizzex 4 päeva tagasi
The watchmen forced players to mine obsidian? You said in the video about the watchmen that they offered rewards to players for mining obsidian so you're contradicting yourself.
Splizzex 4 päeva tagasi
@HakuHashi Ch. We're talking about people being offered kits in a block game
HakuHashi Ch.
HakuHashi Ch. 4 päeva tagasi
@Splizzex offers can also be a ruse. Sometimes it is """offered""" to desperate people to climb up.
Splizzex 4 päeva tagasi
​@HakuHashi Ch. The word "offer" implies that it's voluntary. Offers are something you can accept or refuse. And let's be real, you can't force people to slavery in minecraft. It's a game that you're playing voluntarily for entertainment. All they need to do if they don't want to anymore is leave the server or /kill back to spawn.
HakuHashi Ch.
HakuHashi Ch. 4 päeva tagasi
It's like dangling a carrot on a rabbit
なず 4 päeva tagasi
orbein 4 päeva tagasi
What about the 27 million obsidian Spawn mason structure?
orbein 4 päeva tagasi
@HakuHashi Ch. oh, ok.
HakuHashi Ch.
HakuHashi Ch. 4 päeva tagasi
Man made
Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite 4 päeva tagasi
Is this the only place on EEexs I can avoid just some guy without a mustache and OwO
HakuHashi Ch.
HakuHashi Ch. 4 päeva tagasi
Give it some time
Shockwave the Logical
Shockwave the Logical 5 päeva tagasi
Woof got that Diavolo treatment just right
The Bobux Man
The Bobux Man 5 päeva tagasi
Man I really wanted some stuff like a Anti-anime coalition of long established toxic players to fight against to like not let the anime invaders take over 2b2t
Supreme Robloxian
Supreme Robloxian 5 päeva tagasi
kind of cringe tho ngl
Anime Legend
Anime Legend 5 päeva tagasi
They should use bot and make the biggest with 100m obsidian
Zenry Zap
Zenry Zap 5 päeva tagasi
Its pronouced Oh-woah not oh-wooo
Zenry Zap
Zenry Zap 5 päeva tagasi
Or at least that’s how I’ve always heard it said
elitelevibes 5 päeva tagasi
For some reason, I want this destroyed I I don't even Play 2b2t
Bat Lord
Bat Lord 5 päeva tagasi
I love how the Japanese army was formed by two people wearing Pekora skins
smokeablunt hoe
smokeablunt hoe 5 päeva tagasi
fit. youre kinda a dilf
no no?
no no? 5 päeva tagasi
Ahh yeah
Nek 5 päeva tagasi
Japanese volunteer minecrafters makes a group called "the Japanese army" whom based their operations in a ship build of the famous ww2 battleship Yamato and built a giant Pekora motif of whom is known for her MC war crimes that went worldwide while defending against a traitor turned troll on the biggest and oldest anarchy server. Anyone else find this ironic in so many different ways??? XD
Boing doi . — .
Boing doi . — . 5 päeva tagasi
I’m going through depression now
Salt 5 päeva tagasi
sounds like r/im14andthisisdeep material
ナナまめ 5 päeva tagasi
MattBambino 5 päeva tagasi
صح سويت غلط غلط انا غلط في شي اسمه بس ما ادري ايش اقول يعني انا ☝️ انا انا
Klint Randall Alde
Klint Randall Alde 5 päeva tagasi
if filipinos joined in 2b2t
BluE_Was_Taken 6 päeva tagasi
WillOfTheWinds 6 päeva tagasi
Truly a tale worthy of the elite
Drip Vader
Drip Vader 6 päeva tagasi
2 nukes clearly wasn't enough
Something Sinister
Something Sinister 6 päeva tagasi
Woof sounds like a smooth brain ngl lol
designz 6 päeva tagasi
Teach me ur ways on 2b2t
QuarryBee 6 päeva tagasi
“Giant owo”
Taco paper6477
Taco paper6477 6 päeva tagasi
rip owo
Red ඞ
Red ඞ 6 päeva tagasi
Alejandro Díaz Becerril
Alejandro Díaz Becerril 6 päeva tagasi
i see that godzilla
ImPale 7 päeva tagasi
2b2t is my favorite anime
Erwin Gun
Erwin Gun 7 päeva tagasi
You probably hate that woof guy, buy i kinda amaze by His commitment of making a role as anime villain. He was once a group member Betrayed the group and kills several members Finally got defeated Resurrected himself and disguise as group member again. Realize he can not be killed, woof finally got sealed in fire. I'm sure I watched this before....
Salt 5 päeva tagasi
this whole things sounds like an anime story lol
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 7 päeva tagasi
and Pekora herself is actually revising her battle plans through TABS lol all hail the war criminal!!!!!!
SenseofNone 7 päeva tagasi
"Don't underestimate people who watch how a war criminal works on the regular." -Sun Tzu, Art of Minecraft Pranks
えびもなか 7 päeva tagasi
日本人の変態えぐすぎだろ... 労力が日本人超えてるよ...
BestAvailableYogurt 7 päeva tagasi
It's sad how an anime girl is the biggest build on the oldest server in history
dav4y 7 päeva tagasi
really sad
marda752 7 päeva tagasi
0:32 you put pekora over kabukicho while playing yakuza music i noticed
That weeb in your backyard
That weeb in your backyard 7 päeva tagasi
It's ironic how the Yamatosen in was more useful than the actual Yamato in WW2
Limbo Kid The Dank
Limbo Kid The Dank 7 päeva tagasi
at some point in an attempt to continue this nuclear arms race of who makes the bigger obsidian drawing on the map, somebody will just straight up cover the entirety of spawn in obsidian and leave it in darkness
Jude Ott
Jude Ott 7 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail is legendary XD
Syber Wazimu
Syber Wazimu 7 päeva tagasi
So the asian kind won't be better than you when you have cheats... Good to know
YukaCross 7 päeva tagasi
God daym this is like no game no life sh[beep] here XD
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 7 päeva tagasi
I wish Russia took over 2b2t in and América would send its troops
Loans Was here
Loans Was here 6 päeva tagasi
D day but it’s america and russia Minecraft players
Al Lllk
Al Lllk 7 päeva tagasi
ITS this anime
Notto vento
Notto vento 8 päeva tagasi
How tf I end up here?
HakuHashi Ch.
HakuHashi Ch. 4 päeva tagasi
Josh Tags
Josh Tags 8 päeva tagasi
I hate uwu and owo
Loans Was here
Loans Was here 6 päeva tagasi
spidernh 8 päeva tagasi
didn't say the phrase within 10 seconds I'm unsubbing
Atrexiaa 8 päeva tagasi
2b2t story make me lose hope in humanity and also proud of humanity
QiskeNom 8 päeva tagasi
if the owo had been made in 2021 that was the day i broke my arm
Pupkin 8 päeva tagasi
This giant furry-girl is a worst thing to ever happen on this oldest anarchy server in minecraft.
Hanan Rusydi Majid
Hanan Rusydi Majid 8 päeva tagasi
This is awesome
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