How an ACTUAL Crime Destroyed This 2b2t Base

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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we discuss how an ACTUAL crime destroyed this 2b2t Base, Avalysium, and why this grief is unprecendented in the Minecraft server's community.
My Twitter: FitMC
My Instagram: fitmcsippycup
Yakuza 7 - Hello Work, Finance
Octopath Traveler - Boulderfall, Ill Omen, How Amusing, Knife's Edge
DK64 - Stealthy Snoop
A huge thank you to all the members of Avalysium, who helped contribute information/images:
Noah3j, Carl, CirocDrip, Marcus4761, Xapamaa, TheRedBlocker, Arbiter2b2t, BGP, CAEC64, Redstoner, Pat_The_Wizard, ____Nexo____, Remains, Zoom, Zedu, SpicyBigDaddy, d3z, Sky4, IronException, Bard, Joey_Coconut, Univercius, Connor16892, p_f, Lifeisgood72, Forceken, Kutecats, Whale_Biology, FriedVEVO
Detailed post discussing each member's contributions:
Never thought I'd see the day where an actual crime destroyed a 2b2t base, but here we are. I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button!

ironbolt124 13 päeva tagasi
"What're you in for?" "I committed a crime to find a base on a minecraft server." *scoots to the other side of the bench*
Itz_Ez 7 tundi tagasi
Coolgamergirl0456 Päev tagasi
Akarion 3 päeva tagasi
[Programmer] Michael Agarkov
[Programmer] Michael Agarkov 3 päeva tagasi
Dr. Sazid.
Dr. Sazid. 4 päeva tagasi
Tomscot needs to document this
Jose Nino
Jose Nino 59 minutit tagasi
What a sell out
Bowie 6 tundi tagasi
_"My goals are behond of your understanding"_
gamer 8 tundi tagasi
Not even Griefers would betray their friends if their friends were builders.
Elijah Hodges
Elijah Hodges 10 tundi tagasi
I’m at least satisfied that some of the lowest of the low in Minecraft saw this guy as lower and kicked him from their ranks
Luc Sky
Luc Sky 10 tundi tagasi
8:11 Fun fact: the BSB ( Backstreet Boys) also destroyed the monastery (survived 8 years on the Server)
chrisami__ 14 tundi tagasi
was there ever a world download made? would like to explore it!
Mr.sixsevennine 18 tundi tagasi
This is the most incompatible thing that ever happened
M1ntywatch 19 tundi tagasi
Popi Liakounakou
Popi Liakounakou 21 tund tagasi
what r u locked up for? I pUt UsB iN mY FrIenDs Pc *goes to the bench on the other side of the room*
Justin Päev tagasi
Poor bard man
Iron Axe
Iron Axe Päev tagasi
Me: Hey, what do you do for a living? My friend: i put my computer in a freezer yesterday.
itz_silver_ender_playz Päev tagasi
the bsb stands for bullshitboys
abdullokh karimov
abdullokh karimov Päev tagasi
Mans reached a whole new level putting his pc in a freezer
Smith Päev tagasi
New profile picture!!!
Roei Tal
Roei Tal Päev tagasi
Thats a real life crime so gl for that kid to have any friends
Gautam Vinod
Gautam Vinod Päev tagasi
Bard probably shouldn't consider him as a friend anymore. That idiot should go to irl jail.
The Crafted Biscuits
The Crafted Biscuits Päev tagasi
bsb for life
Ventoro Päev tagasi
Holly shit actual scumbag
Taygon45 Päev tagasi
Please tell me this base is being rebuilt or the group is galvanized to making something even better
Pixel Demon
Pixel Demon Päev tagasi
I thought the 2 dudes who left after seeing the dupe method would be responsible. Nope, they just left and were never seen again.
Polocatfan 2 päeva tagasi
This is why you shouldn't trust anyone. Bard is in the wrong for trusting his "friend" and even leaking base info, but the "friend" is much MORE in the wrong for committing the crime. Both are responsible here.
John parkes
John parkes 2 päeva tagasi
Even though grieving is bad shout out to that group for kicking him out and defending him
John parkes
John parkes 2 päeva tagasi
Well somebody getting slapped next time they meet
قناة البكسل
قناة البكسل 2 päeva tagasi
This is most cringe 2b2t player I have ever seen he could asked him to join like bruh
nulu 2 päeva tagasi
putting a PC in a freezer would hurt performance. Freezers mostly don't create cold, they trap it. They create it for a little bit, and seal it up inside so no heat gets inside. Therefore, if you put a heater (ie a PC) into a freezer, it would trap the airflow, and it would actually be really dangerous for both the freezer and the computer parts.
val 2 päeva tagasi
_"what if we used 100% of the brain?"_ 2:53
2 päeva tagasi
Yikes, some people are literally willing to commit a felon just to get numbers in a block game.
Christian Kneupper
Christian Kneupper 2 päeva tagasi
the secret ingredient is crime
Storse 2 päeva tagasi
imagine committing literal crimes over a block game
PS1 Hagrid THICC
PS1 Hagrid THICC 2 päeva tagasi
Such a beautiful city. As a builder, I genuinely feel anger towards those who destroyed it and sorrow for those who lost it. I wish I could've done something to prevent this...
Revan 2 päeva tagasi
By the Nine, it was so beautiful. Impressive even for a normal.Mincraft built, but for 2b2t, just wow...
3p1c s1ay3r
3p1c s1ay3r 2 päeva tagasi
90 percent of 2b2t players r scumbags
Placeholder name
Placeholder name 2 päeva tagasi
this gives me much more reasons to not play minecraft (I don't even want to, and that's been that way for the past like 5 months)
Tedori- kun
Tedori- kun 2 päeva tagasi
no your a legend :)
Vegas2014 2 päeva tagasi
Was expecting the worlds biggest Segway into nord vpn
OmegaNerd 2 päeva tagasi
This man used trigonometry for the lolz
Airboi 14
Airboi 14 2 päeva tagasi
I ducking hate 2b2t
MasterofFishies 2 päeva tagasi
I can never respect griefers ruining peoples hard work just because they feel like it is a disgusting thing to do
Soumya kanti Ghosh
Soumya kanti Ghosh 2 päeva tagasi
Friend are sometimes more than minecraft 😊
semaj oiplarf
semaj oiplarf 2 päeva tagasi
I don't get why people spend so much time building a base when they know it's gonna get destroyed
smind Päev tagasi
well you also could make ur base in singleplayer and see it rot on ur pc for 10 years. or you make a base on 2b2t and a whole community can apriciate ur build,
Jarmo Pajula
Jarmo Pajula 2 päeva tagasi
3:00 freaking legend lol
Princebot 101
Princebot 101 3 päeva tagasi
What do you mean its just a block game?? Its literally how you got money and fame in the first place
Tactical Turtle
Tactical Turtle 3 päeva tagasi
Ah yes redstoner
RavenstarPlayz 3 päeva tagasi
What a legend. Put your pc in the freezer.
TangyGuest1 3 päeva tagasi
"They would call the new base: Avalysium" Minecraft: Forged Alliance
Chak Charoenlai
Chak Charoenlai 3 päeva tagasi
Deltakilo 111
Deltakilo 111 3 päeva tagasi
What hacked client u use???
smind Päev tagasi
well the best client for 2b2t would be future and rusherhack. these are both 20$. best free client would be impact,
Riley Chilmark
Riley Chilmark 3 päeva tagasi
It sucks that people can get that jealous just because they don’t have it, grant it I’ve been jealous but never that jealous
Niels H
Niels H 3 päeva tagasi
That's why you get an AV
Marcos 3 päeva tagasi
PC in freezer to dupe on 5 accounts using trigonometry to find a base location physically hacking your friend because you are jelly of his minecraft base If 2b2t is not the definition of weaponized autism, I don't know what is
Hatsu 3 päeva tagasi
The guy behind all that really did fucked up, betrayed his best friend and getting kicked out BSB lol
AlbieThePotato 3 päeva tagasi
Woah nice but I really wouldn't recommend to build something exposed in 2b2t
RebelGames 3 päeva tagasi
Why dose no one add redstone defences to their bases to defend them
DiginauterZockt 3 päeva tagasi
Yakuza: Like A Dragon music, can't fool me!
Blazen Fire
Blazen Fire 3 päeva tagasi
You know, I’m starting to think this is the oldest anarchy server on minecraft
Domi craft
Domi craft 3 päeva tagasi
This "Best Friend" is something else. Idk. What a dissapointment. I'm glad you don't name him and I'm glad even the grievers didn't tolerate this. Someone that goes so low just to gain attention is just... I don't know what to say. This should be a lesson for him, why you shouldn't do that. And for the viewers, why 2b2t ia not just a Minecraft Server.
Domi craft
Domi craft 3 päeva tagasi
Noob Pro Hacker 2b2t-Player
mip 3 päeva tagasi
All of that just to delete some blocks in a block game?
Tirpik 3 päeva tagasi
Things like this make me fear 2b2t. Legal issues...
Lit Milk
Lit Milk 4 päeva tagasi
The only time I betrayed my friend is when we were playing Hide and Seek
Dr. Sazid.
Dr. Sazid. 4 päeva tagasi
For the first time i felt a bit sad for a a 2b2t player
N K 4 päeva tagasi
imagine being this low
Get Saved Today
Get Saved Today 4 päeva tagasi
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Jayz 4 päeva tagasi
Your videos give me chills, its like a real life history lesson
Nicholas Spindel
Nicholas Spindel 4 päeva tagasi
Jjcool5538 4 päeva tagasi
I was most impressed by the fact that the one guy used trigonometry, in South Africa trigonometry is a super easy section of math that we learn at 13 but I’ve heard people not even know what it’s used for lol
ANTUBER 4 päeva tagasi
"we do a little trolin"
DucksFor4 4 päeva tagasi
Евгений Бушков
Евгений Бушков 4 päeva tagasi
Did he got charged with some thing?
BladeXplayZ Official
BladeXplayZ Official 4 päeva tagasi
R e d s t o n e r , i s e v e r y w h e r e . . ;-;
Bobna Von Victorsteyn
Bobna Von Victorsteyn 4 päeva tagasi
Of course it’s Redstoner who puts his pc in the freezer
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine this scenario for the ancient builders in minecraft
prod. brayam
prod. brayam 4 päeva tagasi
prod. brayam
prod. brayam 4 päeva tagasi
im a legend! I subbed!
Agar :]
Agar :] 4 päeva tagasi
I wish bards friends phone charger only charge in only one way I wish his friends pillows both side is warm
pxrfxct 4 päeva tagasi
You should build a base and make a water cover so the map thinks that it is just a big ocean. Almost looking like it got griefed
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 4 päeva tagasi
I think you mean THE OLD PENN STATION. Not grand central. The old Penn was all glass but they tore it down and turned it into the ugliest train station of all time. It’s very sad.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 4 päeva tagasi
I like how you made trigonometry sound more complicated than literally everything else in this video. Just your run of the mill automatic anvil replacer for the biggest automatic sorting system ever created but TRIGONOMETRY! Now that’s something.
Aussie Gaming
Aussie Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Ok but why would people spend months working on a city on 2b2t
ram rants
ram rants 5 päeva tagasi
140 in queue is prioty
アドオンAdd-On 5 päeva tagasi
How is pekora art map now?
average egghead
average egghead 5 päeva tagasi
Should’ve been sponsored by dashlane, would’ve made a perfect segway.
Jack Naefe
Jack Naefe 5 päeva tagasi
The BSB kicking him out for his acts just completely reminds me of meet the sniper when sniper says professionals have standards.
Garrison Guy
Garrison Guy 5 päeva tagasi
What do these griefers ever get out of destroying bases I don’t get it.
Anym 5 päeva tagasi
the thing I find most saddening is that we can't have world downloads for the 2b2t map to look around the ungrieved bases due to still undiscovered bases. like honestly I would LOVE to have world downloads, even just for these big bases to look around in them
Justice Chavez
Justice Chavez 5 päeva tagasi
Weeb 5 päeva tagasi
This guy seemed to forget that there's nothing more universally hated than the kin-slayer
Houston Helicopter Tours
Houston Helicopter Tours 5 päeva tagasi
"Everyone loves treason but nobody loves the traitor."
Homeless_Potato 5 päeva tagasi
Bard:so I have a bunch of friends making a cool build together. Bards friend: “And I took that personally”
St3althY 5 päeva tagasi
that was the literal "dawn of 16th"
prum chhangsreng
prum chhangsreng 5 päeva tagasi
Lmao u have no idea how saitfy i feel when i heard that even SBS kick them out.
King Of Hoodies
King Of Hoodies 5 päeva tagasi
I love how Redstoner is just part of all the drama of 2b2t
Paan 5 päeva tagasi
fitmc looks like johhny sins
TWBillionare 5 päeva tagasi
If a group of griefers think what you did was messed up you know you screwed up
The L&K Network
The L&K Network 5 päeva tagasi
This kids is why you have 2FA
Eli Paster
Eli Paster 5 päeva tagasi
Used trig to find Minecraft base teachers: Enough to make a grown man cry
marlboro blend
marlboro blend 5 päeva tagasi
He’s the same person.. idits
Glitxhless 5 päeva tagasi
ProMOAT 5 päeva tagasi
pc: overheats *google search: how to make pc not overheat* google: put it in freezer *akward silence* random guy: uhhh ok
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