20 Facts You Didn't Know About Minecraft's 2b2t

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Today we discuss 20 facts about the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t, that most people don't know about!
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Vukasin Vukovic
Vukasin Vukovic Місяць tagasi
*Herobrine has joined the game* 2b2t players: just another wendsday...
Sleeper 7 päeva tagasi
OverFire Minecraft
OverFire Minecraft 11 päeva tagasi
@Kesaya :D
6000 12 päeva tagasi
Third in Last
Random Місяць tagasi
Random Місяць tagasi
HuskyManiac 4 tundi tagasi
*Dream monster and "The Dooo" breed* Fundy : "Dream, are you cheating on me?"
The Evan
The Evan 12 tundi tagasi
Video starts at 2:25
Musaab MD
Musaab MD 14 tundi tagasi
13:25 what did he say tho?
Ryan Brady
Ryan Brady Päev tagasi
dream monster!!!!!
wingdinged Päev tagasi
old sponsor game
CaptAngryEyes Päev tagasi
Number One fact: 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft
Tormentiler 2 päeva tagasi
Fit: this is probably the part of the video you have being waiting for (13:20) Me:yes- EEexs-3 10 second unskippable ads
Waff0e 2 päeva tagasi
1:58 "gather gold"
Bukbok_ 2 päeva tagasi
in number 6 how the nuts are you gonna place command block if you CANT place it in survival
Zachary Perl
Zachary Perl 2 päeva tagasi
can we appreciate that this guy teased like 4 facts before the sponsor, but then made them 1-4 so we didn't have to wait very long to hear more about them? I respect it.
Alotario The Ultimate
Alotario The Ultimate 3 päeva tagasi
*Herobrine has joined the game* *FitMC:* hey herobro what’s happening wanna chat on discord
SynkPlayz 3 päeva tagasi
have that exact same book at home
uhev fabaeaeb
uhev fabaeaeb 3 päeva tagasi
Мамо, пішли купимо Стаса Домбровського. Ні, в нас вже є Стас Домбровський вдома. Стас Домбровський вдома: 13:22
FloppyFries 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah like you would play that sponsored game
Yp Gamer
Yp Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
at 2:35 what is that website name is please tell me comment
Snowman in Minecraft
Snowman in Minecraft 3 päeva tagasi
Oh, nice to see that my friend could spawn on there
Aku 3 päeva tagasi
God i missed alot of stuff in 2b2t huh?
Václav Masaryk
Václav Masaryk 3 päeva tagasi
The command block cannot be placed, u can only place it in creative
Václav Masaryk
Václav Masaryk 2 päeva tagasi
SlimyKlerburt 3 päeva tagasi
they had creative
Jack The Forsaken
Jack The Forsaken 4 päeva tagasi
God Damn I've Been Playing 2b2t For Half a Decade Didnt Even know A Player was visited by the secret service
Nicholas Shamma
Nicholas Shamma 4 päeva tagasi
i launched minecraft to see the message, it said "made in north korea"
aayush chopra
aayush chopra 4 päeva tagasi
4:00 literally all of them lmao
《 Darkedy 》
《 Darkedy 》 4 päeva tagasi
Ago the last fact looked pretty interesting, where can I research it cuz I’m a bit curious on what he said
Felix Mueller
Felix Mueller 4 päeva tagasi
@5:48 is he reason is because you can’t place command blocks in survival
iii gaming
iii gaming 5 päeva tagasi
Vegeta how much is que level it over 2000
Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname
Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname 5 päeva tagasi
Regarding the snow golem: "You can see it for yourself" and gives coordinates Well, the seed may have it, but 2b2t won't for very long, since someone's about to kill it. Also, just the seed isn't enough info; we also need to know what version of the game the natural snow golem containing chunk was generated in.
TomMC 5 päeva tagasi
13:22 Im just wondering what he said EDIT: just found out what he said
Alistair MacKinnon
Alistair MacKinnon 5 päeva tagasi
Btw that might not be pyrobytes dog because his in-game username is cyrobyte so that might be another account. then again i do not know how the name hack works. im just saying
Foongie 3 päeva tagasi
you can change minecraft names lmao
codaah. 5 päeva tagasi
damnnnnn i didnt know this
Milkshake Draws
Milkshake Draws 5 päeva tagasi
I’m not going to lie, a 2b2t member getting visited by the secret service doesn’t surprise me whatsoever.
Magnus 88mm
Magnus 88mm 5 päeva tagasi
2b2t is like the face of Minecraft
ILikeWafflz 6 päeva tagasi
I wonder if any other person across time has said "2b2t" more than Fit has. I automatically hear his voice saying it if I think about it
ILikeWafflz 6 päeva tagasi
Reading about the server on wikipedia "2builders2tools (2b2t) is a Minecraft server founded in December 2010. 2b2t is (abrupt cut to Fit's voice) The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, (normal voice) as well as one of the oldest..." ect.
gingerphoenix10 6 päeva tagasi
you can only place command blocks in creative...
Kari Ferguson
Kari Ferguson 6 päeva tagasi
DRAGON city is my faverate game and by the same game creaters as monster legends
pompeo 6 päeva tagasi
8:21 the statisticks dont add up
a2monkey 6 päeva tagasi
I think the reason why the cmd blocks not being placed is because they can’t be interacted with at all if u don’t have op or admin. This includes placing.
ms marek
ms marek 6 päeva tagasi
Czech republic s prezident is very stupid!!!!!!
Owen Germain
Owen Germain 7 päeva tagasi
it starts at 2:23
•Angel Saturdays•
•Angel Saturdays• 7 päeva tagasi
My friend told me you need a mod or Herobrine, but does 2b2t have a mod..?
That one guy
That one guy 7 päeva tagasi
2:00 that icon at the top corrner lol
Video title 20 things you didnt know Me: i know all of them how i rewatch it
Lucia M.Calder
Lucia M.Calder 8 päeva tagasi
"for a admin to grief your base you must have really messed" DSMP fans just start sweating
PyroTheGreat 72
PyroTheGreat 72 9 päeva tagasi
very cool video, I like the footage of the crosses
SuperYT 9 päeva tagasi
0:04 I thought he was gonna say the United States President...
Mr. Starpop
Mr. Starpop 9 päeva tagasi
8:56 That's legitimately cool, it's like the spirits of other players wanting to join in on the chaos and wonder of this world... but they have to wait.
Michelle Sparks
Michelle Sparks 10 päeva tagasi
About #17, I remember before I logged in to 2b2t I saw the message "The yacht heist in under 6 minutes" Boy I laughed for the next few hours.
Concord Macdewnalds
Concord Macdewnalds 10 päeva tagasi
Somebody is definitely going to kill that poor snow golem
The Mountain Dude
The Mountain Dude 10 päeva tagasi
So imagine Housemaster announcing that he will leak 20 random base coords
ItsJarrell 10 päeva tagasi
I swear monster legends copied Dragon City :/
ItsJarrell 10 päeva tagasi
1:24 oh no- the shippers are coming...
THAT RACOON 10 päeva tagasi
The best thing to happen to 2b2t: Housemaster joind the game Popbob was banned by Housemaster
starayu 11 päeva tagasi
ayo Scotland holds a mesium with 2b2t lol
SWG Bunny
SWG Bunny 11 päeva tagasi
how in the world are you running shaders on 2b2t
Blazing Bros
Blazing Bros 11 päeva tagasi
Mr.XoniTIc 11 päeva tagasi
You shuold change your channel name into 2b2ts
OverFire Minecraft
OverFire Minecraft 11 päeva tagasi
Herobrine is my friend minecraft user name xD
ETH1CAL 12 päeva tagasi
*Herobrine joined the game* Herobrine: *I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR FLESH* 2b2t players: cool
Crazy Cactuar
Crazy Cactuar 12 päeva tagasi
WTF I literally live in the same city as the art museum for 2b2t how did I not know this
Auritro 13 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: I was once in the queue when it was 2000+
Misdrop matt
Misdrop matt 13 päeva tagasi
I have one of the books
megaballo7 13 päeva tagasi
the reason herobrine only joined 2 time was because even he is scared of 2b2t
D4rk._. gamer
D4rk._. gamer 13 päeva tagasi
11:45 my favorite one is 2Bombs 2Terrorists
Jaded Jaden
Jaded Jaden 15 päeva tagasi
Why is 2b2t’s history so mysterious yet so entertaining?
Thiezie 15 päeva tagasi
In #20 where dis he tell that and is it still on? So i can see it?
Im Max
Im Max 16 päeva tagasi
In 2019 i spawned and got a command block by no reason. I instantly left and from that time i never Got to 2b2t again because i think The command block is rare i can sell that account For real money
Arthur Doom
Arthur Doom 17 päeva tagasi
hi I got a question am I want to say what did the server used to look like before it looked like that it’s Lucia question I was thinking about
Mr. Merfington
Mr. Merfington 17 päeva tagasi
Let me guess, the snow golem is dead now
Jayden Lin
Jayden Lin 17 päeva tagasi
Hero brine: joins Players: nah it’s just a impersonater
No Flo
No Flo 17 päeva tagasi
Fuc this server I play castle mines
Lucas Matos
Lucas Matos 18 päeva tagasi
I went to the snow golem coordinates and killed it. So now 2b2t doesn’t have one. That was my greatest grief to date
Not an Orchid
Not an Orchid 18 päeva tagasi
no wonder command blocks haven't been placed, they can only be placed in creative
GEOGUY2001 19 päeva tagasi
Fit: "2b2t has a naturally spawning snow golem." The 2b2t community: *_Not anymore_*
Edo-Motion 19 päeva tagasi
i knew it herobrine ghsitvhjd iuto tje serveur. whit why am i gligding?!6 what the heck is happen jsfhd01010 10101010101010hehdhddhdhdgdgdhrhdbsjsgdhxtgwhebdgdjbr TH15 15 H3R08R1N3
Arakemi 19 päeva tagasi
im surprised fitmc shows a subscriber to non subscriber viewer count that isnt just like 99.9% of people that watch the videos arent subbed while like 2 people are subbed to him and such, unlike other tubers
Autumnleaf 25
Autumnleaf 25 19 päeva tagasi
Fit last time I checked you literally can't place command blocks in survival
TheAdvertisement 19 päeva tagasi
Me seeing the title: Hmm I dunno probably gonna be some boring facts. FitMC: A player was visited by the secret service! Me: :0
Pixel 3184
Pixel 3184 19 päeva tagasi
today the 2b2t moto was Welcome, Paul and i just freaked out cuz my name is paul
Z Floyd
Z Floyd 20 päeva tagasi
btw I am guessing that Polly the Parrot said that he would kill the president.
Matias Vanderstoop-Castillo
Matias Vanderstoop-Castillo 20 päeva tagasi
Low key the greatest Segway into an add bigggg respects for that one
Astrobot 20 päeva tagasi
You can't place command blocks in survival, but saying that i remember that this is 2B2T I'm talking about and someone would probably figure out how to.
Nowe anzures
Nowe anzures 20 päeva tagasi
I'm on my mom's phone and a naturall spawning snow golem is atleast like 16 guadrillion or 16,000,000,000,000 or 16 followed by 12 zeros percent chance for the snow golem to spawn naturally and this was edited
Cyan_Key 20 päeva tagasi
It is rare for an enderman to place a pumpkin on top of 2 blocks of snow naturally without a player's interfering and I feel like that's interesting aswell
Grim0514 21 päev tagasi
Albert Newton
Albert Newton 21 päev tagasi
Now that those snow golem coords have been leaked, the golem has a life expectancy of about minus 5 minutes
Юлиан Стоянов
Юлиан Стоянов 21 päev tagasi
I didint know that the locked chests are tf2 joke
Adam Laine
Adam Laine 21 päev tagasi
Coconut Dev
Coconut Dev 21 päev tagasi
Man, that segue was smoother then ltt...
Sophie and Bella
Sophie and Bella 22 päeva tagasi
100,345th person to like the video and 1,411,770th person to watch
Ari The idiot
Ari The idiot 22 päeva tagasi
This is good facts unlike block facts
Kodetestshareplay YT
Kodetestshareplay YT 22 päeva tagasi
I saw that dream in the sponsor
Neko 22 päeva tagasi
i actually saw herobrine in hypixel housing,
Ben Zabelski
Ben Zabelski 22 päeva tagasi
Why is a monster dream why just why
Dylan. 22 päeva tagasi
It's really bizarre to hear fit say "team fortress 2"
Dominic Gray
Dominic Gray 22 päeva tagasi
As someone that has never and probably will never play Minecraft, I can’t stop watching you.
Cheddar 22 päeva tagasi
Man I want a copy of stinky Steve book 4
mg reactions
mg reactions 23 päeva tagasi
because you have to be in creative
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs 23 päeva tagasi
That snow golem: “my time has come”
niek 23 päeva tagasi
pollytheparrot said that he was gonna kiIlI the president
Lucas Manning
Lucas Manning 23 päeva tagasi
Herobrine has joined Notch playing on 2b2t : MY BROTHER
Lobster Fish MC
Lobster Fish MC 23 päeva tagasi
Why no command blocks have been placed: It is impossible to place command blocks unless you are operator and in creative mode
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