I bought 2b2t coordinates on eBay.....

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Today I make the foolish mistake of buying Minecraft coordinates on the oldest anarchy server, 2b2t, from eBay. What could possibly go wrong?
My Twitter: FitMC
My Instagram: fitmcsippycup
YT Streams: eeexs.infolive
Catch up on streams here: eeexs.info/name/PLknc0yWkcu8QTu8g8_NmhQygx90Oj6Nii.html
FFX - Mi'ihen Highroad
Banjo Tooie - Isle O' Hags, Witchyworld (Western)
DK64 - Stealth
SMRPG - Bowser's Keep, Battle 1
Additional Footage/Images/Information:
IronException (Renders)

Richluxx 4 tundi tagasi
You didn’t get scam once. U bought coordinates and u got them lol
David Markitan
David Markitan 8 tundi tagasi
Yo what the hell Man its one ser of cords its X: and Y: so like.....v
Stefan Jacobs
Stefan Jacobs 13 tundi tagasi
u reading coordinates wrong first one is at -22617 -247439, u went the last one to 260000 thats a mistake, happens
Praniv Playz
Praniv Playz 23 tundi tagasi
just tp
yoshi0002 Päev tagasi
Yall realize someone is gonna take over and make it lower then $7.50 to undercut the other guy, right? You just gave the coordinates for it that someone could turn around and resell for a little cheaper online just to make money lol
yoshi0002 Päev tagasi
But since they are not real, you don't have to worry bout it lol
LeoBlox Päev tagasi
"DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!" okay ill go out to the street i guess...
Bluefuntimewolfy 2 päeva tagasi
chorus fruit is not good in normal minecraft but its really good in 2b2t
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර 6 tundi tagasi
Nah they're literal necessities on my friend's server lol
Cats1789 Päev tagasi
*anarchy servers
shinta strife
shinta strife 2 päeva tagasi
So just found this channel. At some point woukd be cool to hear you say "the light will never perish" something like that Warrior of light sounding dude
Julesthe_ name
Julesthe_ name 2 päeva tagasi
Bobbybojangles briefed that based a EEexs’s lol
Chance Bates
Chance Bates 2 päeva tagasi
Bro I hope you reported the seller
StatusQuo 2 päeva tagasi
Honestly, It's people like you who allow these scams to exist. If stupid people wouldn't pay, they wouldn't try to sell... I knew it was fake, you knew it was too, but you STILL gave them money to prove it... You sir are a dolt.
ZackTheMuffinMan 2 päeva tagasi
DJ Banana
DJ Banana 2 päeva tagasi
My name is jeff y
My name is jeff y 3 päeva tagasi
“ALLY OOP- ow”
kappa crownguard
kappa crownguard 3 päeva tagasi
plot twitst: the viewer that send the ebay listing to you was selling this and wanted to make you buy.
Gamer Naruto
Gamer Naruto 3 päeva tagasi
0:53 don't mind me I will try at my office
nobody nowhere
nobody nowhere 3 päeva tagasi
Saying "no refunds" in ebay does not work, sellers cant set their own rules. If you buy something that's not what its supposed to be, you can just claim a refund and you will get it.
wHos 12
wHos 12 4 päeva tagasi
Griefed Village coords 7 dolar very cheap
Memory Color
Memory Color 4 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain why this EEexsr is cheating in his video and nobody is upset?
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර 6 tundi tagasi
It's allowed
Elias 4 päeva tagasi
Cheating is allowed on 2b2t server.
Jonrlax J.
Jonrlax J. 5 päeva tagasi
You just perpetrate this practices
That Wolf In Your Backyard
That Wolf In Your Backyard 5 päeva tagasi
*DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME* me at the Library computer: *maniacal laugh*
chamyleo 5 päeva tagasi
Wait what client do you use for hacks?
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර 6 tundi tagasi
Glyph 5 päeva tagasi
2b2t is in acronym for 2 builders 2 tools so the fact that people say 2b instead if 2b2t means that its an acronym of an acronym
LPGames 5 päeva tagasi
4:08 why is he using a hacked client 🤔
Yuvi 5 päeva tagasi
The forgotten SD-10
The forgotten SD-10 5 päeva tagasi
1:38 I literally spent an ungodly amount of time laughing at this part specifically
Daddy Pain
Daddy Pain 6 päeva tagasi
But how the hell are you flying
b00bird33 6 päeva tagasi
I like how you can buy literal sets of numbers on E-Bay
Rednassie 6 päeva tagasi
I like how cheating is basically as normal as walking on that server
Orion N
Orion N 6 päeva tagasi
Joe swanson comes out 4:58
Aquatically 6 päeva tagasi
Why not save guy trapped in portal?!
Roger Stewart
Roger Stewart 7 päeva tagasi
Its 8 bucks. Why so worried
RedX 7 päeva tagasi
why does Fit have 2012 ebay?
Kolby Gibson
Kolby Gibson 7 päeva tagasi
No one literally no one: 2b2t players: ThE oLdEsT AnArChY sErVeR oN mInEcRaFt🦍
Moh Kh
Moh Kh 7 päeva tagasi
don't hide his name, expose him
Augustine Delgado
Augustine Delgado 7 päeva tagasi
purchases for digital goods in general is stupid. lol
MR.GAMERBOY4000 8 päeva tagasi
what client do you use?
Gingerbred_Hed 8 päeva tagasi
Im lovin that banjo kazooie music when you saw it got griefed xD
Breezuhs 9 päeva tagasi
was about to subscribe until you said “hit that button to make me feel better” pepeHands
Dr OmniSpank
Dr OmniSpank 9 päeva tagasi
Oh, this won't save me from doing something stupid. No sir!
NotAPerson 9 päeva tagasi
I mean at least fit got his money back in like 10 minutes
A Camel Who likes Coca-Cola
A Camel Who likes Coca-Cola Päev tagasi
He’s earned wayyyy much more then what he spent
Househopper 10 päeva tagasi
Beetroot soup
Cloud 10 päeva tagasi
Wait what the netherack and totem is new texture?
Meme Duck
Meme Duck 10 päeva tagasi
*Good luck getting trapped in a portal with a cookie* good joke
ETH1CAL 11 päeva tagasi
My life is now just watching fitmc and eating Cheetos puffs.
Mamkajiwin 11 päeva tagasi
What’s up Broski 🦋®️🦋®️
ClutchDio 11 päeva tagasi
the oldest anarchy coordinates on minecraft
Rakshat Trivedi
Rakshat Trivedi 11 päeva tagasi
chorus fruit is good in multiplayer when your friends want to troll you. but in single player i dont think there is any use.
Lucas Nives
Lucas Nives 12 päeva tagasi
what hacks do you use?
CJ Does Random Things
CJ Does Random Things 12 päeva tagasi
Kelp is AMAZING. Make that shit into a block and BAM. Smelting half a stack of Iron. And once you cut it, it grows back in like, 3 minutes on lowest Random Tick Speed!
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර
YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර 6 tundi tagasi
You can go to the nether roof(i know pearl trick exists)
Catlin Kerswell
Catlin Kerswell 13 päeva tagasi
Is that PSO music at like 6:25, from the forest?
goldginger 13 päeva tagasi
isnt the bsb base in nether°?
TheDailyVlogger 14 päeva tagasi
I’ve always thought or atleast did for a long time think, that fit from misfits was the same person as FitMC lol
Eric Hargrove
Eric Hargrove 15 päeva tagasi
The real bamboozle was paying 12 dollars shipping...
Kurt Productions
Kurt Productions 16 päeva tagasi
I like how the flint and steel is named pig killer
Jayan Bammidi
Jayan Bammidi 16 päeva tagasi
What is the alt generator
Dalton Fales
Dalton Fales 16 päeva tagasi
Did you check under the tower?
Killcam 16 päeva tagasi
I play Minecraft for the first time Accidentally falls straight down in a pyramid Me: rage quits when I saw 20 diamonds in the chests
Is it Spooky Month? Idk
Is it Spooky Month? Idk 16 päeva tagasi
Veon 17 päeva tagasi
"Dont try this at home" Me at my local library: my genius is truly scary sometimes
the_alpha_twins 17 päeva tagasi
I just relized the textures
_Harj 17 päeva tagasi
What are the settings you are using to travel?
Miles Prower
Miles Prower 17 päeva tagasi
i have 3 2b2t Friends that sells cords They just use a random number generator lol
Popcoolboi 18 päeva tagasi
Cat Colin 100 the meme show Gaming
Cat Colin 100 the meme show Gaming 19 päeva tagasi
2b2t The server of war
nethers_ 19 päeva tagasi
Isnt this against mc’s TOS
joe mama
joe mama 20 päeva tagasi
Ethan jacob Doctolero
Ethan jacob Doctolero 20 päeva tagasi
Uhhh there is a villager totem O.O
Jeffrey Molina
Jeffrey Molina 21 päev tagasi
Actually I'm glad u did it bc someone might actually buy it and goes broke XD
Alex BOiii
Alex BOiii 21 päev tagasi
5001 comment
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague 21 päev tagasi
Thank you for doing this so I didn't have too!!!!!!!! I hope you didn't pay too much! Also, this is the closest I've found to a "How to escape spawn on 2b2t" video yet. (No, I'm not looking too terribly hard. 🤣)
Doobie Films
Doobie Films 22 päeva tagasi
Why are you obsessed with 2b2t
PeterMagAffen 22 päeva tagasi
Which hack is that?
Phoenix Downer
Phoenix Downer 22 päeva tagasi
EBay is good about refunds. You can get a refund if you talk to them. Likely too late now.
not hud 2.0
not hud 2.0 23 päeva tagasi
TheBiggestBonk 24 päeva tagasi
Just stopped by for the chorus fruit advocacy
Travis Smith
Travis Smith 24 päeva tagasi
Wow, never expected to hear some Phantasy Star Online RP. 1/2 background music. Mad vibes.
alphy 24 päeva tagasi
Imagine autobuilding things on the server and selling their coordinates
Drista 25 päeva tagasi
This guy makes a simple block game sounds like a real life history
Drista 25 päeva tagasi
Fit got bamboozled
P B 25 päeva tagasi
you scammed your self why will you ever pay for diss, and not to mension kids watch diss realy bad example, we need to learn kids pay for pixels is bad
NA Redapple
NA Redapple 26 päeva tagasi
Umm I got error trap can someone help me
Jared Schwartz
Jared Schwartz 27 päeva tagasi
also chorus fruit for the saturation is useful
Elsa 27 päeva tagasi
me, too anxious to tell the cahier they got my order wrong
Allan Dexter14
Allan Dexter14 27 päeva tagasi
LearningAnimate 28 päeva tagasi
So this is where he gets content from
Ben R.
Ben R. 28 päeva tagasi
What client is he using?
???? 27 päeva tagasi
Gunnar Skywalker
Gunnar Skywalker Місяць tagasi
Waffles Місяць tagasi
Spirit Gaming
Spirit Gaming Місяць tagasi
first few seconds: Oldest Anarchy Server On Minecraft
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts Місяць tagasi
I understand why this guy is the most respected youtuber on 2b2t, he told me to like and i LIKED.
nerfisn Місяць tagasi
At least you didn't buy it on wish
i lost my sanity lol
i lost my sanity lol Місяць tagasi
I mean like it's not a big deal is was only $7.50 and $11.50
Ali Chehiber
Ali Chehiber Місяць tagasi
whats ur exploit?
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
The funny stepson intringuingly coach because criminal cosmetically stay save a tangible fender. rhetorical, early riverbed
Chenterr Місяць tagasi
That is the most rigged food tier list i have ever seen. Cake is s???? Cake barely gives you any saturation.
David Місяць tagasi
Free content
coolmasud12 Місяць tagasi
coolmasud12 Місяць tagasi
coolmasud12 Місяць tagasi
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