How Far Does 2b2t's Northern Highway Go?

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Today we take a journey on a decade-old highway on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft to see how far it goes....
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FitMC 2 місяці tagasi
What was your favorite sight on the highway?
Aiman Kudin
Aiman Kudin 11 päeva tagasi
East and North Highway
THOMAS KAWALEC 28 päeva tagasi
ʀaN Місяць tagasi
The bench
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Місяць tagasi
the uwu because vietnam flashbacks
Moosification 2 місяці tagasi
The Bible part
Darrei Deamos
Darrei Deamos 4 tundi tagasi
I expected many things but not the Bible
Cohen 12 tundi tagasi
I have a job to do thank you for meaning
Foxy Plays
Foxy Plays Päev tagasi
3:58 someone tried to start another world war
BlueWink1 Päev tagasi
The reason why most people get on 2b2t: teehee tnt go boom boom The reason I wanna get on 2b2t: wooooaah cool building
fireking Päev tagasi
Someone sees those milestones. He says... "Wow non damaged landmarks" there like. Welp time to fix that.
Stuart Nathan
Stuart Nathan 2 päeva tagasi
Corkeel 2 päeva tagasi
I swear, 2b2t players are a different breed.
Revan 2 päeva tagasi
You found my cathedral at the 40k marker!! What's left of it at least? 😩 I built "Hope Haven" back in 2017. I'd almost forgotten about it, not having played 2b2t in a couple years. By the Nine, seeing her again takes me back. Bittersweet to see it again, but in ruins. I built her as a rest stop for travelers, and tried to found a community there. Needless to say it went the way of most things in 2b2t.
cwayonbox 2 päeva tagasi
10k is spawn? dude i thought spawn was 2k by 2k
RYD3R 2 päeva tagasi
11:40 That statue at the bottom makes me uncofortable...
Pati Karo
Pati Karo 2 päeva tagasi
I have a question. Anybody know what hack client is he using?
Cat Colin 100 the meme show Gaming
Cat Colin 100 the meme show Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
I hope there is no PVP
Zero G Productions
Zero G Productions 3 päeva tagasi
About 536.554 miles long? Damn.
Azn2Sc 3 päeva tagasi
Those FF-X soundtracks definitely gets a like from me :)
Purplellama 4 päeva tagasi
has there ever been a fit vid without the words oldest anarchy server in minecraft
NieMonD 4 päeva tagasi
“There’s gonna be nothing left by the end of the road” Yeah that tends to happen when something ends
Shadow Goblin
Shadow Goblin 4 päeva tagasi
8:05 this billding was rebillt in obby
Epic man 99
Epic man 99 4 päeva tagasi
what was blurred
Vapour Chicken
Vapour Chicken 5 päeva tagasi
Me watching this video for the second time and fit asks for likes. I go down to like. I see I have already liked. This guy is great!
Gustavs Beļskis
Gustavs Beļskis 5 päeva tagasi
Me: please be made of obby the whole way Road: no, io don't think i will
squigglepuffs • 100 years ago
squigglepuffs • 100 years ago 5 päeva tagasi
I wish people didn’t grief
Yt James
Yt James 5 päeva tagasi
Where is the south highway?
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 5 päeva tagasi
4:47 petition to know what build is that since I cant do any multiplayer servers
Bo O
Bo O 5 päeva tagasi
Old players will have good memories
grim reaper
grim reaper 6 päeva tagasi
Oh my it's Jesus' horse
Agent Tex13
Agent Tex13 6 päeva tagasi
I would like to see a Highway Reconstruction Project on 2b2t where they not only rebuild the roads to be solid but also extend where the old Obsidian stopped
randomFoxx :D
randomFoxx :D 6 päeva tagasi
7:46 any withers around hmm no withers around a wither! a wither a wither a wither!
Jerome 6 päeva tagasi
MR Wheeze
MR Wheeze 6 päeva tagasi
3:18 drip😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Wellshem 6 päeva tagasi
2b2t is basically the earth in 500 years, alien videomaker will have a lot of fun
Leigh 7 päeva tagasi
im so cumfused how did your horse walk in water?
JG TRX 6 päeva tagasi
With hacks
Katarzyna Rek
Katarzyna Rek 7 päeva tagasi
Katarzyna Rek
Katarzyna Rek 7 päeva tagasi
Still Chill
Still Chill 7 päeva tagasi
The drip armor attracts the mobs
TheWallachianBard 7 päeva tagasi
The players could just play a little game where they reach the end of the highway and extend it by one block, just so they can one-up the previous contributors. I mean that would be far from the pettiest thing one could do on the server
DIGER NAME 7 päeva tagasi
When ur so out of ideas u need to say a phrase everytime 10 seconds into a video (no offense lol)
Rasmus Svensson
Rasmus Svensson 7 päeva tagasi
Little Einstein Adi
Little Einstein Adi 7 päeva tagasi
if any ad experts are reading this pls tell me how to remove business ads i am not a business manager
Travis Gilcreast
Travis Gilcreast 8 päeva tagasi
I love your 2b2t videos because it feels like a story. It feels like a documentary. Its nostalgic and real. You can tell by how you talk about it that its special and it makes it special for everyone else. Its a life of its own for sure. Good work man. Ill be here viewing. 🤘
JeffDonnah 8 päeva tagasi
I know what you censored
DamionDreggs Technologies
DamionDreggs Technologies 8 päeva tagasi
He's worried that there's going to be no road left at the end of the road... 🤣
get shid on1434
get shid on1434 8 päeva tagasi
Hey fitmc.someone was saying that you clickbait
Van Except its Youtube
Van Except its Youtube 8 päeva tagasi
The northern highway’s signature cock and balls
Egg 8 päeva tagasi
"awh thats not good lets turn on the Jesus"
Minerstove 8 päeva tagasi
How do u get 2b 2t instantly load
That Wolf In Your Backyard
That Wolf In Your Backyard 9 päeva tagasi
The day that Fit stops with the Tf2 references is the day the world ends
Rustage X
Rustage X 9 päeva tagasi
at least one block
loki treci
loki treci 10 päeva tagasi
MabeyJay ?
MabeyJay ? 10 päeva tagasi
I don’t even play 2bt2 but I know so much by now from ur vids also ur voice is satisfying and ur videos are one of my favorite things to watch
Thomas TheDankEngine
Thomas TheDankEngine 10 päeva tagasi
Fit should do the southern highway
Sage Eden
Sage Eden 10 päeva tagasi
I listen to his 2b2t vids whenever I write my apocalyptic book
Stay Deadly
Stay Deadly 10 päeva tagasi
Should’ve went back for silvercrownkings horse when yours died
RAD CousinsYT
RAD CousinsYT 10 päeva tagasi
5:06 i think you forgot to sencor that tiny bit of "thing" in the corner
IM_G4RB0 ツ
IM_G4RB0 ツ 10 päeva tagasi
I know I know these were built a long time ago, but I wonder who were the people to decide to build a HIGHWAY out of obsidian 😂😂😂
Miles Gardner
Miles Gardner 11 päeva tagasi
3:17 I’ve seen enough. I’m satisfied.
george's racing car
george's racing car 11 päeva tagasi
Does the Southern Highway have nothing on it
Lei justine Labrador
Lei justine Labrador 11 päeva tagasi
im a polsci student ... and i have 100 pages due ... yet this just feels more appealing to me
Eugene 11 päeva tagasi
If the server does update to 1.16 there is a possibility to build black stone highways using lava dispensing flying machines and ice.
Yikes 12 päeva tagasi
just let it be known that on 2B2T you can read the entire book of revelations
Cael Blake
Cael Blake 12 päeva tagasi
4:48 what is it?
Dj Dj
Dj Dj 12 päeva tagasi
Thank you for the videos
TheChickenMan 12 päeva tagasi
Respect x
HAYDEN MENG 12 päeva tagasi
I wanna purge the server of the sinners and withers
lemon demon
lemon demon 13 päeva tagasi
*_’lets turn on the Jesus hacks’_*
Hougen 12 päeva tagasi
Mang1o 13 päeva tagasi
2b2t the youngest democracy server on Roblox
Can Ozturk
Can Ozturk 13 päeva tagasi
Does anyone know the song at 15:10 ??
Arnav XD
Arnav XD 14 päeva tagasi
11:39 welp I think it’s to late to censor that one FitMc (look at bottom middle)
14 päeva tagasi
Maybe even the best
finn rajcich
finn rajcich 14 päeva tagasi
The adventures of the road creators was emotional
Foundation X
Foundation X 14 päeva tagasi
I'd like to see a highway hit the farlands
KiKiCat7 15 päeva tagasi
That hotel should of been called Hotel Rwanda
Wilson Lee
Wilson Lee 15 päeva tagasi
The revelation of the gospel of john is a code, to those who might consider it otherwise
عبد الإله التويجري
عبد الإله التويجري 15 päeva tagasi
5:19 that looks like the great obsidian prison of the earlier days of tb2t
Googly-Eye Stickman
Googly-Eye Stickman 15 päeva tagasi
The wither was just jealous of the drip
BawB Q5
BawB Q5 16 päeva tagasi
Messages silver Dude I found your horse 900k blocks away from spawn Silver That’s your best find yet ❤️
Ryan Pahon
Ryan Pahon 16 päeva tagasi
anyone see that at 11:45
Hougen 12 päeva tagasi
what about it
Samuel Renfro
Samuel Renfro 16 päeva tagasi
Western Highway: Short boi Eastern Highway: Medium boi Northern Highway: LENGTHY BOI Southern Highway: ; _ ;
William Huang
William Huang 17 päeva tagasi
Wait until ilmango joins 2b2t
Hougen 12 päeva tagasi
eh. he wouldn't last one day
thechickenguy 17 päeva tagasi
Now I wanna join 2b2t
Spectrum 17 päeva tagasi
I like how that guy was probably running from the mobs, then randomly decided to take out a sign and write his will.
Comrade Fire Crystal
Comrade Fire Crystal 17 päeva tagasi
That is probably no mans land by the time you reached the end of the road also put a sign down letting the other know you have been there
gaming with Josh
gaming with Josh 18 päeva tagasi
What client do you use?
Stale Bread
Stale Bread 18 päeva tagasi
Lonesome road...
Glory to Jesus Christ
Glory to Jesus Christ 19 päeva tagasi
Maybe it's one of those questions like "How high is up?"
Floating Sanvich
Floating Sanvich 19 päeva tagasi
A good amount of the remnants and interesting stops are probably gone since the coordinates weren't hidden.
T Er
T Er 19 päeva tagasi
What is your hack client
Hougen 12 päeva tagasi
ree kid
ree kid 19 päeva tagasi
VILLAGEGUY2 19 päeva tagasi
the highway milestones is like the small youtuber milestones
VILLAGEGUY2 19 päeva tagasi
i now know where to go on the northern highway hint: *the blur*
No Flo
No Flo 19 päeva tagasi
They should have let every building up and create a whole map of builds
LOSERVILLAIN 20 päeva tagasi
compared to irl how long is this highway?
Tom Plays.
Tom Plays. 20 päeva tagasi
5:18 did u see that pp
Perfect Shadow
Perfect Shadow 20 päeva tagasi
16:20 original village
Andrew Delaney
Andrew Delaney 20 päeva tagasi
What was on the north highway that couldn’t be shown?
Feathered Alberto
Feathered Alberto 20 päeva tagasi
Western is the least visited Eastern is the most visited Northern is the longest What about the southern highway?
Stian Sjøstrøm
Stian Sjøstrøm 20 päeva tagasi
SuperF4nBrend4n 20 päeva tagasi
Me in 2020: has auto subtitles on EEexs: Two be Tootie
Ok man
Ok man 20 päeva tagasi
10:38 "You have my respect for building something this ridiculous"
skayci 21 päev tagasi
Guy 1: screenshots Guy 2: imagine if its gonna become a history Guy: 1: lol imagine
KniceChawt 21 päev tagasi
the horse lives on in the drip armor dont worry
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